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Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation of the Bank of Greece

The Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation is a Department of the Bank of Greece. Its main purpose is to serve as a hub for advancing and highlighting the role of the Bank of Greece in the country’s economic, social and cultural development.

The Centre is responsible for:

  • organising and running the Bank’s Historical Archives, Library and Museum;
  • managing and developing the Bank’s collections, which include coins, artworks, books and periodicals, as well as its electronic resources;
  • providing assistance to the user community and researchers;
  • conducting research on the Bank’s history and collections;
  • developing and overseeing the Bank’s cultural publications, including previously unpublished material;
  • holding temporary and permanent exhibitions of the Bank’s collections and documents;
  • organising educational programmes, scientific and cultural conferences and other events;
  • participating in relevant national and international fora, and cooperating with similar organisations;
  • managing and maintaining the IT systems that support the Centre’s activities.

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