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In this section three educational games, TOP FLOOR, €CONOMIA and Inflation Island, dealing with central banking and economics are availiable.Targeted mainly at 18-25 year olds, the games explain monetary policy and the effects of inflation on society. They are informal and self-teaching in style.

You can also take part in the online contest TETRIS® NEW €50. The competition is open from 5 July until 29 August 2016. To participate you need to be at least 18 years old and a resident of the EU.

The materials in this section explain the connection between interest rates, inflation and the Eurosystem's key mission - maintaining price stability.

Euro Run


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TOP FLOOR - Make Your Way Up!

TOP FLOOR - Make Your Way Up!

Will you make it to the Top Floor?

Location: ECB’s Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany
Your Mission: Collect the 7 briefing documents for the Governing Council on the Top Floor
Response time: Intelligently fast!
Mission support: A phone call away

Think you know the ECB and the Eurosystem? Try this quiz-based game to find out!

You’ll answer questions on the roles and tasks of the ECB, Eurosystem and European System of Central Banks. Answer them correctly and collect the Governing Council’s seven briefing documents, ahead of its meeting on the Top Floor to decide on euro area interest rates!

CONOMIA - The Monetary Policy Game

€CONOMIA - The Monetary Policy Game

Have you ever wondered what exactly monetary policy is? Or how the key interest rate affects inflation? €CONOMIA will help you understand these basics of central banking. Your goal is to keep inflation low, at just under 2%, and stable. The interest rate decisions you take can achieve that - but they can also cause inflation to slow down or to rise sharply. Achieving a balance between the two extremes is not easy.

€CONOMIA is a game that explains, in a simplified way, how monetary policy works. The game does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Central Bank or any other central bank in the euro area.

Inflation Island – How inflation affects the economy

Inflation Island – How inflation affects the economy

Explore the different areas of Inflation Island, see how people react to inflation and deflation, and how the scenery changes. You can also test your knowledge and try to identify the different inflation scenarios.

The Island’s cinema features videos and photos showing how inflation and deflation have affected various countries over the years.

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