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 Professional certification pf persons
engaging in the provision of services according to article 93 of law 4514/2018

As provided for under Article 93 of Law 4518/2018 (in Greek), the Executive Committee of the Bank of Greece and the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission issued a Joint Decision(Government Gazette B΄ 1925/30.05.2018 – in Greek), in accordance with which only persons with professional certification must be employed when providing the services referred to in Article 2 (1) of the aforesaid Joint Decision.

The Joint Decision establishes six (6) types of Certificates (a1, a2, b, b1, c, d, e, f1 and f2) and specifies in detail the investment services for which professional certification is required.

The Bank of Greece is responsible:
a) for certifying persons employed in credit institutions, where the candidate has passed the certification examinations which are carried out on e or has successfully participated in certification
b) for the renewal of the certification, whether or not the certified person is employed by a credit institution at the time of renewal, provided that he has successfully completed the examination of the section “Legal Framework of the Capital Market” or has successfully taken part in a certification training course.

The examination syllabus is published in the Government Government Gazette B΄ (5992/31.12.2018- in Greek).

A three-member Examination Committee whose president and members are appointed among qualified academics has been set up for supervising the proceedings of the examinations.

Participation in the Certification Examinations and Training Courses is subject to the submission of all necessary documentation and to the fulfilment of all of the following conditions:

a. candidate must meet minimum standards of integrity;
b. candidate must possess the minimum formal qualifications laid down in the Joint Decision; and
c. the credit institution that employs the candidate or the candidate himself must have paid the prescribed fee to the Bank of Greece.

This section provides all the available information, including information on:
- the regulatory framework,
- the required documentation,
- examination announcements and results,
- the question bank

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