Reporting of data on subsidies

This section is intended exclusively for any credit institutions entitled to a refund of interest spread on subsidised loans granted by them, in accordance with the Joint Ministerial Decisions adopted from time to time.

The funds used to pay such refund are drawn from a Special Account which is funded by the contributions under Law 128/1975, as in force, and brought into the Treasury Single Account of the Greek State, which is kept with the Bank of Greece.

Such credit institutions report periodically such detailed information to the Bank of Greece, which are transmitted to the appropriate department of the Ministry of Finance for information purposes in relation to funding and debiting the above Special Account.

Specifically, credit institutions fill in a specific excel template and submit it to the Bank of Greece (Government Financial Operations and Accounts Department - Government Accounts Section) on a CD along with an accompanying document signed by the competent officers authorised to this effect by the credit institution concerned.

The relevant template and instructions on how to fill it are provided in the section below.

Before submission, credit institutions are advised to secure that the template is filled out in compliance with the current version of the "Parameters file" available on the Bank of Greece website in order to reflect the latest relevant joint ministerial decisions.

It is specified that any queries of an institutional nature on the application or interpretation of the provisions of Law 128/75 and delegated joint ministerial decisions may be addressed by interested parties only to the competent department of the Ministry of Finance's Economic Policy General Directorate - Financial Policy Directorate, regardless of the capacity of the entity submitting such queries (financial corporations, central administration and general government bodies or other third parties).

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