Climate Change and Sustainability Centre

Main tasks:


  • Planning, coordinating, supporting and implementing the actions of the Bank and the Bank’s Climate Change Impacts Study Committee (EMEKA) regarding the climate and sustainability.
  • Submitting proposals to the Administration on the Bank’s climate and sustainability strategy, as well as supporting the Administration in the context of the Bank’s representation in the Eurosystem and international bodies (IMF, ECOFIN, etc.) in connection with the relevant issues.

  • Providing advice to the Bank’s Departments on climate and sustainability issues and generally on any matter required, as well as planning and implementing joint programmes and actions.

  • Participating in, and submitting proposals to, the re-established Environmental Policy Committee of the Bank on actions within the scope of its mandate.

  • Contributing to research and designing studies on climate and sustainability in cooperation with external bodies (universities, research centres, networks), at national and international level, as well as planning the promotion of relevant actions in the financial system and beyond it.

  • Participating in European research projects, such as Life IP AdaptInGR (General Council decision no. 2/25.2.2019), which concerns the monitoring of the implementation of the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

  • Representing the Bank in relevant national and international bodies and networks, by acting as coordinator and undertaking relevant tasks, where necessary, including the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System (NGFS).

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