Cash Department

​​​​​​​​​Main responsibilities​

  • to monitor and implement the decisions of the ECB and of the relevant European Union institutions and bodies regarding  euro banknotes and coins throughout their life cycle;  
  • to assess production needs and ensure the supply of necessary quantities of euro banknotes and coins, per denomination, both from the Printing Works Department and from cross-border currency shipments, as well as their safe storage and circulation; 
  • to ensure the smooth supply to credit institutions across the country with the necessary quantities of euro banknotes and coins, through the Bank's network; 
  • to cooperate with credit institutions on all the issues related to the circulation of the common currency in Greece;  
  • to ensure the authenticity and quality of euro banknotes in circulation;  
  • to perform authenticity and fitness checks of the cash inflows both from the Bank's transactions and from credit institutions, using state-of-the art equipment and in accordance with ECB specifications; 
  • to monitor currency circulation in Greece, co-operate with the Hellenic Police in the  fight against counterfeiting and implement the respective ECB guidelines in Greece.  
  • to provide information to tellers, professional cash handlers and the public on euro banknotes and coins and on their security features.

The Cash Department comprises the following sections: 

  • Reserves and Transportation Section
  • Head Office Cashiers Control Section  
  • Cash Centre Cashiers Control Section
  • Cash Processing Section 
  • Cash Deposit and Withdrawal Section
  • Accounting and Secretarial Support Section
  • Cash Analysis and Research Section
  • Cash and Valuables Transactions Section
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