Economic Analysis and Research Department

​​​​​​​​​​Main responsibilities

  • to monitor and analyse economic developments and prospects, process data, produce  forecasts of key aggregates, compile and release  economic indicators and conduct economic research; 
  • to prepare the bi-annual Report on Monetary Policy, as well as the Annual Report of the Bank of Greece;  
  • to publish the Economic Bulletin, the Bulletin of Conjunctural Indicators and the Working Paper  series; 
  • to participate in committees, working groups and research networks of the Eurosystem, the European Union and the OECD; 
  • to brief visiting delegations from international economic organisations and credit rating agencies; and
  • to translate and edit  publications and other documents for the needs of the Bank of Greece. 

​The Economic Analysis and Research Department comprises the following Sections:


  • Real Estate Market Analysis Section  
  • Balance of Payments Analysis Section  
  • Public Enterprises and Entities Section  
  • World Economy Section  
  • Administration Section  
  • Special Studies Section  
  • Publications and Translation Section 
  • Domestic Economy Section  
  • Eurosystem-related Issues Section  
  • Government Budget Section  
  • Money Section  
  • Econometric Forecasting Section  
  • Banking Affairs and Capital Market Section   
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