Financial Department

Main responsibilities

  • to exercise financial control, including the efficient allocation, management and use of the Bank's financial resources, as well as budget monitoring and control, in order to ensure the achievement of the Bank’s strategic and operational targets;
  • prepares the Bank’s financial statements, annual accounts and accompanying reports, in accordance with the accounting rules of the European Central Bank (ECB) that apply to all the national central banks of the Eurosystem;
  • transmits to the ECB the daily financial statements of the Bank;
  • is responsible for all the Bank’s payments to its staff and third parties;
  • manages the Bank’s budgeting and budget monitoring process, as well as the costing system;
  • is responsible for fixed assets accounting and monitors the Bank’s register of fixed assets; and
  • is responsible for the fulfilment of the Bank’s tax obligations.

The Financial Department comprises the following sections:

  • Administrative Accounting Section
  • Financial Reporting Section
  • Accounting Control Section
  • Accounting Section
  • Tax Issues Section
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