Financial Stability Department

The Bank of Greece safeguards financial stability in Greece. It supervises credit institutions, insurance undertakings and financial institutions with a view to ensuring the stability and efficiency of the financial system.

The Financial Stability Department is entrusted with implementing macroprudential policy and monitoring systemic risks.

Main tasks

  • It monitors and evaluates systemic risks to financial stability from all sectors of the financial system (banking sector, insurance undertakings, financial institutions, financial markets).
  • It analyses the financial statements and supervisory data of credit and other financial institutions.
  • It formulates the strategy and the regulatory framework of macroprudential policy in Greece and implements it with the appropriate macroprudential policy measures.
  • It oversees payment systems and payment instruments, as well as securities settlement systems and central counterparties, with a view to ensuring their reliability and reducing systemic risk.
  • It publishes a biannual Financial Stability Review analysing the risks and resilience of the financial system.
  • It conducts stress tests at both a micro- and a macro-prudential level.
  • It assesses the internal models of credit institutions and participates in relevant on-site inspections.


  • Risk Analysis Section
  • Financial Infrastructure and Payment Systems Oversight Section
  • Internal Models and Supervisory Exercises Section
  •  Macroprudential Policy Section
  • Systemic Risk Monitoring Section.
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