Financial Stability Department

The Bank of Greece is responsible for monitoring and assessing financial stability in Greece. It supervises credit institutions, insurance undertakings and financial institutions with a view to ensuring the stability and efficiency of the financial system.

The Financial Stability Department is entrusted with implementing macroprudential policy and monitoring systemic risks.

Main tasks

The Financial Stability Department:

  • monitors macroprudential policy matters within the scope of Bank of Greece’s macroprudential mandate and relevant obligations in line with the Recommendations and Guidelines of the competent EU bodies (including by making recommendations on strategy, regulatory framework and appropriate measures);
  • monitors and measures systemic risks in the financial system, analyses underlying developments from the perspective of financial stability and formulates relevant policy proposals;
  • evaluates financial market infrastructures and oversees payment and settlement systems and payment instruments with a view to ensuring their reliability and reducing systemic risk, in accordance with the Eurosystem’s regulatory framework; and
  • supports supervisory decision-making bodies.


  • Risk Analysis Section
  • Financial Infrastructure and Payment Systems Oversight Section
  • Internal Models and Supervisory Exercises Section
  •  Macroprudential Policy Section
  • Systemic Risk Monitoring Section.
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