Government Financial Operations and Accounts Department

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Main responsibilities​​​​​​

  • to act as treasurer and fiscal agent of the Greek government, managing and operating the accounts that constitute the Treasury Accounts System, through which the State Budget and the Public Investment Programme are executed
  • to execute domestic and cross-border payment orders on behalf of the Greek government, i.e. entities of central and general government; 
  • to manage the collective investment portfolio (“Common Fund”) of social security organisations and legal entities in public law and provide cash management services for general government entities; and
  • to provide custody and depository services to the Greek government.

​​The Government Financial Operations and Accounts Department comprises the following Sections:


  • Foreign Exchange Transactions Section
  • Public Entities Accounts Section​
  • Legal Entities’ Reserves Management Section
  • Documentary Credits Section
  • Greek Government Securities Custody and Law 3586/2007 Committee Support Section
  • Government Accounts Section
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