Human Resources and Organisation Department

Main responsibilities

The Human Resources and Organisation Department is entrusted with:

  • the administration of the Bank’s human resources;
  • the Bank’s organisational and strategic planning;
  • the security and safety of staff and premises;
  • the Bank’s internal and external communications;
  • secretarial support to the Bank’s high-level decision-making bodies; and
  • the management of shareholder-related issues.

The Human Resources and Organisation Department comprises the following Sections:

  • Human Resources Section
  • Premises of Chalandri Area Security Section
  • Head Office Security Section
  • Secretariat Section​​
  • Personnel Loans and Benefits Section
  • Payroll Management Section
  • Pension Management Section
  • Communication Section
  • ​Pensions and Benefits Regulation Monitoring Section
  • Organisational Research and Strategic Planning Section
  • Organisation and Support Section
  • Human Resources and Training Policy Section
  • Emergency Planning Office


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