Human Resources Department

Main tasks

The Human Resources Department is responsible for:

  • managing the Bank's human resources (career and wage progression, assessment, mobility, placements, etc.);
  • training and developing the Bank's staff (identifying training needs to enhance staff knowledge and skills, preparing and implementing annual training programmes, etc.);
  • issuing staff payroll and managing various benefits payable to all persons insured by the Bank;
  • awarding, calculating and ordering the payment of main and supplementary pensions in the context of the Bank's social security obligations towards its staff;
  • planning the Bank's HR requirements and carrying out all tasks relating to staff recruitment;
  • strengthening the executive/strategic role of the Department and making it a strategic partner of the other Departments  in HR-related matters;
  • coordinating the Bank’s network (Branches, Agencies, Desks) on HR issues;
  • developing and updating HR policies and management tools;
  • conducting HR Data Analysis;
  • providing secretarial support to the Bank's senior decision-making bodies; and
  • carrying out tasks related to the Bank's share register and its participation in the Athens Exchange.

The Human Resources Department comprises the following Sections:

  • Secretariat Section
  • Human Resources Management Section
  • Human Resources Data Management Section 
  • Payroll Management Section
  • Training and Development Section
  • Personnel Mobility and Career Section 
  • Personnel Social Security Section
  • Post-Employment Benefits Section
  • Economic Matters Section 
  • Personnel Benefits Section
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