Information Systems Department

Main Tasks

The Information Systems Department is responsible for the development and the support of the IT Systems and IT infrastructure, as well as for the provision of IT Services and IT Security Services to the Departments of the Bank of Greece and the Eurosystem.

More specifically, the IS Department develops Information Systems of high business value and supports the local IT Systems, the internal network, the Bank's intercommunication links to the European System of Central Banks and to third parties as well as the Bank's Security Systems and Services.

The Information Systems Department implements internationally accredited methodologies for the Governance of IT Projects, follows the current technological trends and integrates modern technologies, thus contributing to the broad strategical goal of the Bank's digital transformation. In parallel, it actively participates in Eurosystem's initiatives for exploring and evaluating new technological developments (e.g. the Digital Ledger Technology – DLT) that have the momentum to revise the current way of executing the traditional banking operations.

In more detail, the Information Systems Department is responsible:

  • For the design, development and support of IT Systems, Operating Systems and Databases, the design and operation of the Bank’s network infrastructure and IT Services, by providing an ITC link to all the Bank's buildings, the Greek State, DIAS S.A., the SWIFT Organization, the REUTERS and BLOOMBERG data providers, the Internet, the Cloud, the Eurosystem and the European System of Central Banks.
  • To guarantee the confidentiality, availability and integrity of Bank's data by operating and administering the IT Security Systems and IT Controls (both on Premises & on Cloud). 
  • To design and implement the appropriate technical measures that are necessary to ensure the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
  • To control and support the operation of the Bank’s workstations, laptops and mobile devices through an integrated Mobile Device Management System. 
  • To design and support the Bank’s Internet Web Site, the Intranet as well as the Content Management Systems. 
  • To design, adopt and implement IT Security Policies and IT Security Procedures.
  • To adopt international standards and establish modern computerized procedures, according to the general principles and policies of the Eurosystem and the Bank's operational needs. 
  • To implement procedures for Incident Management and provide the quality and availability of services described by the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) agreed between the IS Department and the Bank's Departments. 
  • To constantly be informed of the technological developments, to evaluate new technologies, as well as to adopt and implement them wherever possible, according to the Bank's needs. 

Among other IT Systems of high business value that the Information Systems Department supports are the following:

  • The local part of the following Eurosystem IT Systems:
    - The Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer “TARGET2 - T2”.
    - The Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer system – Securities «TARGET2 Securities (T2S)»
    - The «Register of Institutions and Affiliates Database - RIAD».
    - The Trans-European Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit)
  • The Integrated IT Systems of the Banking Supervision Department and the Department of Private Insurance Supervision in order to meet the requirements of the Single Supervisory Mechanism – SSM and Solvency II, respectively.
  • The IT System for Collecting, Checking and Processing data of the Country's Balance of Payments. 
  • The IT System for Secure Data Exchange with External Entities. 
  • The IT Transactions’ System for managing and executing payment orders by entities of the Greek Public Sector and monitoring the Public Investment Program. 
  • The General Accounting IT System SAP for collecting and processing the Bank’s accounting data in order to prepare the daily financial statements in accordance with the accounting regulations of the European Central Bank. 

The Information Systems Department consists of the following Sections:

  • IT Project Governance Section
  • IT Systems Management and Support Section
  • Networks Section
  • Administrative Support Section
  • Administration Systems Section
  • Payment, Monetary Policy and Supervision Systems Section
  • Statistics, Economic Analysis and Monetary Circulation Systems Section
  • IT Center Operations Section
  • Data Control Section
  • Information Systems Security Policies and Risk Analysis Section
  • Administrative Information and Large-Scale Data Technologies Systems Section
  • Security Systems and Operations Section
  • Banking Systems Section
  • Web Technologies and Content Management Systems Section
  • Help Desk Section

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