Legal Department

​​​​​The Legal Department exercises, for the Bank of Greece, functions within the scope of the Code for the Legal Profession (Law 4194) and handles the administrative work involved.​​​​​

It m​onitors all legal issues arising from the Bank’s activities in its capacity as Greece’s central bank, as a legal entity vested with public authority and as a societé anonyme.

Main responsibilities

  • ​to monitor and provide legal expert advice  on issues concerning:
    • ​the Bank’s participation in the ESCB and its relations with the ECB;
    • the exercise of the Bank’s  supervisory and audit function;
    • the oversight and operation of payment  systems and instruments and securities clearing and settlement systems;
    • the management of foreign exchange reserves and the conduct of foreign exchange operations;
    • the Bank’s relations with counterparties, including the Greek State, also ensuring that their representatives are duly authorised;
    • the management of the Bank’s property; and
    • the Bank’s relations with its staff.

With respect to the above, the Legal Department

  • issues opinions;;
  • reviews draft contractual agreements;
  • represents the interests of the Bank in legal proceedings; and
  • monitors developments in legislation and jurisprudence.

​The Legal Department comprises the following sections:


  • Administrative Support and Secretariat Section
  • Private Insurance Supervision Issues Section
  • Banking Supervision Issues Section
  • Personnel and Social Security Issues Section
  • Financial & ESCB-Related Issues Section
  • Verification of Legal Documents Section
  • Transactions and Bank Property Issues Section
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