Printing Works Department

The tasks of the Banknote Printing Works Department are:

  • To print the Euro banknotes after ECB’s approval.
  • To strike Eurocoins on behalf of the Greek State and third parties, as well as commemorative coin series and medals.
  • Το perform printing works on behalf of the Bank, the Greek State or third parties which mainly concern security documents, such as Securities, Bonds, Treasury Bills Surety Bonds,Lottery Tickets, Passports, Identification Cards, Residence Permissions etc.
All tasks are carried out with technologically advanced procedures and all the requisite quality controls are conducted, according to ECB’s instructions and the International Standards, in order to assure the high quality of items produced.


  • Quality Assurance and Eurosystem-related Matters Section
  • Inventory Management Section
  • Administration and Financial Services Section
  • Special Products Printing Section
  • Banknote Printing Section
  • Inventory Control Section
  • Pre-press Activities and Technology Research Section
  • Maintenance Section
  • Product Design and Marketing Section
  • Minting Section.
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