Technical and Administrative Support Department

The Technical and Administrative Support Department is responsible for ensuring the good working order of the Bank’s facilities, as well as for providing logistical support across the Bank.

The Technical and Administrative Support Department also has the responsibility of technical support, operation and maintenance of the buildings, premises, facilities and vehicles of the Bank. It observes and stays informed about new technologies and implement measures and systems, aimed at the creation of comfortable conditions in the working environment, the safety and protection of personnel and buildings, the energy saving and the environmental protection.

Main tasks

  • to supervise and execute the Bank’s engineering projects relating to new building construction, as well as extension, remodelling and renovation works in existing buildings and fixtures;
  • to be in charge of technical support, operation and maintainance of the Bank’s premises and vehicles; 
  • to design and implement measures and systems with a view to ensuring a comfortable work environment, safety and security of staff and facilities, energy efficiency and environmental protection;
  • to manage and utilise the Bank’s real estate; 
  • to draw up the Bank’s Investment and Consumables Budgets, conduct tenders and draft procurement contracts for goods, services and technical works; 
  • to oversee the quality of outsourced services (cleaning, auxiliary services, canteens, etc.) and manage the warehouses for fixed equipment and consumables;
  • to ensure secure flow of documents and correspondence, manage test keys and maintain the Bank’s General Archive.

The Technical and Administrative Support Department comprises the following Sections:

  • Archives Section
  • General Operations Section
  • Tender and Procurement Section
  • Bank of Greece Real Estate Management and Development Section
  • Document Management, Telegrams and Test Keys Section
  • Fixed Assets and Consumables Management Section
  • Electromechanical Maintenance Section
  • Premises Maintenance and Environmental Management Section
  • Halandri Premises Technical Support Section
  • Technical Project Design and Supervision Section
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