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Yields of Greek Government Securities

This section presents monthly data on yields of fixed-income securities issued by the Greek government. The yields are calculated by the Electronic Secondary Securities Market (HDAT) operated by the Bank of Greece.

The yields refer to the maturities of 12 months, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 και 32 years and are calculated from specific reference bonds with the relevant remaining maturity. It should be noted that prior to 1997 the Greek government did not, in general, issue fixed-income securities and data on yields goes back to 1999 only. The Greek government also issued (and continues to do that) short-term paper known as treasury bills.

Data on the rate of these bills at the time of issue are also given in this section. There is also data on the coupon rates of Greek government bonds as well as on the System for Monitoring Transactions in Book-Entry Securities (BOGS). 








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