Research activity

Conducting economic research and economic analysis on issues relevant to the tasks of a central bank, including those arising from membership of the Eurosystem, is an integral part of the Bank’s activities.

Economic research and economic analysis provides input to the monetary policy discussions held within the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) and helps to deepen understanding of the Greek economy, as well as  of the euro area economy.

Areas of interest to the Bank include:

  • monetary policy and monetary and credit developments;
  • the domestic economy (activity, prices, labour markets, real estate market);
  • econometric forecasting;
  • public finance; 
  • external economic transactions and the balance of payments;
  • economic developments in South-Eastern European and Mediterranean countries;
  • the banking system and the capital market.

The results of research and analysis are disseminated through the Bank’s publications, such as the Annual Report submitted to the Annual Meeting of Shareholders and the bi-annual Monetary Policy reports submitted to Parliament.

Articles and studies on the Greek economy and relevant international issues are published twice annually in the Economic Bulletin and target a wider audience, while the Bank’s Working Paper Series features quality research papers of a more technical nature.

In addition to its own research, the Bank of Greece is involved in research projects carried out within the wider context of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB)/Eurosystem through its participation in various research networks.

Finally, in order to promote economic research, the Bank of Greece has established regular collaborations with Greek and international researchers, in particular through its Research Visitor Programme, and organises conferences and seminars on issues of interest to academic economists and policy-makers.

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