Evolution of loans and non-performing loans

Ageing of loan balances, non-performing loans and non-performing loan/loan ratio with respect to all Greek commercial and cooperative banks from 2002 to date on a quarterly basis and by portfolio is uploaded on this page.

Data are provided on an individual basis and relate to off-balance sheet loans (before provisions) of Greek commercial and cooperative banks operating during the respective period.

For the period from September 2002 to end September 2014, the data submitted to the Bank of Greece were used in accordance with Bank of Greece Governor's Act No. 2442 29.1.1999. 

For the period from 2014 and onwards, the data submitted to the Bank of Greece are used in accordance with Executive Committee Act No. 42/30.5.2014, as in force, and the definitions of the European Banking Authority (EBA) apply pursuant to the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) laying down implementing technical standards with regard to supervisory reporting of institutions.

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