The Bank of Greece provides comprehensive information on the secondary securities market (HDAT), gold purchase and sale, and the foreign exchange market. Specifically:

The “HDAT” section contains information on the electronic secondary securities market operated by the Bank of Greece, including the HDAT Operating Regulations, the list of participants, HDAT Management Council decisions, as well as statistics on prices, yields and transaction volumes in HDAT. 

In the “Exchange rates” section, you can find the ΕCB foreign exchange reference rates; the exchange rates applying to transactions of the Bank of Greece with retail customers and commercial banks; the irrevocable conversion rates between the former national currencies of the euro area Member States and the euro; and historical data on the fixing rates of the Greek drachma vis-à-vis foreign currencies.

The “Gold” section provides information on the procedures for buying and selling gold (gold sovereigns, gold coins and standardised bullion gold bars or ingots), as well as the “Price bulletin for gold and gold coins”.

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