General Government Entities

General Government Entities, as identified by the Registry of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, hold funds under the System of Treasury Accounts at the Bank of Greece, in accordance with the provisions of Law 4270/2014, as applicable.

This system of bank accounts includes the funds of the Single Treasury Account, of the Cash Management Accounts of Public Organizations, as well as those of the Collective Investment Fund.

Through this banking infrastructure in the Bank of Greece, the respective Ministries of the State, the Public Debt Management Agency and the General Accounting Office monitor the available funds of the State.  In these bank accounts the State collects public revenues and, through them, it implements expenses of the State Budget and the Public Investment Program. Through the same infrastructure, the State channels social security benefits and provides subsidies to Public Organizations, which carry out their electronic payments to the final beneficiaries either through the "Interface" system, or through the special DIAS Portal application.

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