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Bank of Greece news now available through RSS Feeds

RSS is a method for publishing frequently updated digital content (news or other information) on the Internet. Users of this service can receive Bank of Greece news as they are issued, without having to visit the Bank’s website.

For more information about RSS feeds, see Wikipedia:

 Subscribing to RSS Feeds requires a feed reader or news reader (e.g. NewzCrawler), although most web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and email clients have this functionality included.

You can subscribe

  • directly, by clicking one of the following links, if your browser supports RSS Feeds, or
  • by copying the feed link from the web browser into your feed reader.

The following content from the website of the Bank of Greece can be delivered through RSS:

Rss Αnnouncements

Rss Publications

Rss Press Releases

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