PSD2 - Useful information

The European Union's 2nd Payment Directive (PSD2), transposed into the Greek Law pursuant to Law 4537/2018, is the next step in European integration in payments.

In this section, you can find announcements and information concerning the implementation of PSD2 in Greece.

    • Bank of Greece Executive Committee Act 164/2/13.12.2019: Terms and conditions for: a) the authorization of Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions and for the registration of account information service providers in Greece, b) the acquisition, increase or sell of a qualifying holding, c) the taking up of a post as a member of the board of directors et al, d) stipulation of the minimum monetary amount of the professional indemnity insurance or other comparable guarantee, e) regulatory framework, f) record keeping under the Article 14 of Law 4537/2018;

Greek Institutions’ National Identification Νumber for PSD2 purposes:

The National Identification Number for PSD2 purposes for Greek Payment institutions, E-money Institutions and Credit Institutions, used in both national and EBA registries, is the TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (Τ.Ι.Ν.).

21.10.2019 SCA: Opinion of the European Banking Authority on the deadline for the migration to SCA for e-commerce cardbased payment transactions

26.8.2019 Announcement: The Bank of Greece will provide a phase-in period for compliance with the strong customer authentication (SCA) requirements of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389 in card e-commerce transactions

08.08.2019 PSD2 ΕΒΑ register: Specification of the data properties of the JSON file with the content of the EBA PSD2 Register

07.08.2019 PSD2 eIDAS certificates: National identification codes to be used by qualified trust service providers for identification of competent authorities in an eIDAS certificate for PSD2 purposes

07.08.2019 ΕBA registers: Type of identification numbers used in the EBA PSD2 Register and the EBA Credit Institutions Register

07.08.2019 PSD2 DAS certificates: List of email addresses of the national competent authorities that will follow the process for requesting revocation of eIDAS certificates as set out in the EBA Opinion on the use of eIDAS certificates (EBA-OP-2018-7).

21.6.2019 SCA: Opinion of the European Banking Authority on the elements of strong customer authentication under PSD2

PSD2: Links to production APIs of Greek account servicing payment service providers (ASPSPs), June 2019

PSD2: Links to API sandboxes of Greek account servicing payment service providers (ASPSPs)

PSD2: Timeline for the evaluation of the account servicing payment service providers’ applications for an exemption from contingency measures (Article 33(6) Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389)

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