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The Bank of Greece, Greece’s national central bank, was established by Law 3424/7 December 1927 (Government Gazette A 298) ratifying the agreement between the Greek State and the National Bank of Greece, whereby the latter waived its note-issuing privilege and a new bank under the name “Bank of Greece” was established, pursuant to the Geneva Protocol of 15 September 1927, as approved by the Council of the League of Nations.

[Excerpt from the book “The first fifty years of the Bank of Greece 1928-1978”, Bank of Greece, Athens 1978]
“… According to Article 1 of its Statute, the new bank is a société anonyme under the name Bank of Greece, having its seat in Athens … Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the Statute provided for the capitalisation of the institution: Its capital was set at 400 million drachmas, divided into 80,000 shares with a par value of 5,000 drachmas each. The capital was paid up in full and acquired by the National Bank of Greece, under the terms of Article 2 of its agreement with the Greek State. Subsequently, the National Bank of Greece issued this capital by public offering, giving its shareholders the pre-emptive right to acquire one share of the Bank of Greece for every two shares held in the National Bank of Greece. The stock issue price was set at 5,000 drachmas per share for the first tranche and 7,500 drachmas per share for the second and third. The premium was shared between the National Bank of Greece and the Greek State …”.

The shares of the Bank of Greece are registered and have been listed on the Athens Exchange since 12 June 1930.

After a number of increases over the years, the capital of the Bank of Greece currently amounts to €111,243,361.60, divided into 19,86
4,886 shares with a par value of €5.60 each. The number of Bank of Greece shareholders is roughly 19,000.

For Shareholders’ Information, please contact:

• Bank of Greece 
        Secretariat Section – Shares Service
        21, E. Venizelos Avenue, GR- 102 50 Athens, Greece 

• E-mail: serv.shares@bankofgreece.gr 
• Tel: +30 2103203288, Fax: +30 2103226371
• Contact persons : 
       Ms Irini-Alexandra Basia, Tel: +30 2103202064 
       Ms Victoria Athanasiadou, Tel: +30 2103203341

Useful Documents

Capital Increases 
• Statute of the Bank of Greece (10th Edition)

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