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Sale of commemorative and collector coins to the public

05/10/2010 - Announcements

By decision of the Minister of Finance, the Bank of Greece is authorized to sell, through its Head Office and its Branches, commemorative coins and collector coin series issued following a joint decision of the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Bank of Greece.

Small quantities, as specified by current Ministerial Decisions, may be sold directly to the public, whereas purchases of larger quantities shall require written approval from the 25th Directorate (Dept. A) of the General Accounting Office of the State.

More specifically, for the sale of small quantities prospective buyers have the following options:

  • to place the order in person or through an authorised agent at the Head Office or any Branch of the Bank of Greece,
  • to place a remote order, i.e. contact the Bank of Greece by phone or online.

For further information, please see below the terms and conditions and the order form.

Terms and conditions governing the sale of commemorative and collector coins to the public and Remote Order Form.

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