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The new Bank of Greece website is now fully operational

29/10/2019 - Press Releases

After a trial period of one month, the new website of the Bank of Greece is up and running.

With a new responsive design, the new website is more user-friendly, providing easy and full access to a wealth of information made available by the country’s central bank.

The website revamping project involved giving the site a fresh new look and a streamlined information architecture, as well as updating and reorganising its content, now structured with multi-layer navigation depending on the level of user expertise.

Moreover, our website visitors have the following new applications/navigation tools at their disposal, making it easier to locate the information they need:

  • an enhanced search engine
  • a dedicated section of the home page (Information for You) providing direct access to information frequently sought after by broad categories of users (individuals, customers and staff of credit institutions and insurance undertakings, legal professionals, etc.),
  • a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Guide providing visitors searching for specific information with answers to frequently asked questions and enabling them to contact the Bank’s services directly. 

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