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Cabinet approval to the increase in the share capital of the Bank of Greece

13/06/2008 - Announcements

The Bank of Greece, committed to providing reliable information to investors in general and to its shareholders in particular, further to its notice of 17 March 2008 concerning the increase in its share capital, announces the following:

By its Act No. 8/10 June 2008, published in the Government Gazette on 11 June 2008 (No. 107, Issue A), the Cabinet approved an increase of €22,248,671.20 in the share capital of the Bank of Greece, which had been decided by the Bank’s General Council at its meeting No. 4/17 March 2008. The increase will be effected by the issuance of 3,972,977 new bonus shares of a par value of €5.60 each, which will be allotted to current shareholders in a proportion of one (1) new share for every four (4) existing shares.

The share capital of the Bank of Greece will thus rise to €111,243,361.60, consisting of 19,864,886 shares of a par value of €5.60 each.

The Bank of Greece will promptly submit all necessary documentation to the Athens Exchange in order to obtain authorisation of the listing of the new bonus shares, which will be allotted to shareholders in accordance with the provisions of Article 308 of the Athens Exchange Rulebook, as currently in force, namely:

- the cut-off date for entitlement will be the fourth business day following the date of approval of the listing of the new bonus shares by the Athens Exchange;

- the trading of the new bonus shares shall start no later than the fifth business day following the cutoff date for entitlement. The exact dates will be announced in due time, once the Athens Exchange authorisation is obtained.

It is pointed out that the Bank of Greece is not required to draw up the document provided for in article 4, paragraph 2 (e) of Law 3401/2005.

For any information or clarification, you may contact the Bank of Greece, Administration Department, Shares Service, 21 El. Venizelou Street, 102 50 Athens, Tel: 210-3202051, 210-3202064, 210-3203288.

Fax: 210-3202844


Administration Department

Athens, 13 June 2008

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