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Reduction in Bank of Greece interest rates

27/12/2000 - Press Releases

In view of Greece’s entry into the euro area as from 1 January 2001, the Monetary Policy Council of the Bank of Greece has decided to harmonize the key interest rates of the Bank of Greece with the respective interest rates of the European Central Bank, with effect from today, 27 December 2000.

Specifically, by Monetary Policy Council Act 47/27 December 2000:

  • the intervention rate on the 14-day main refinancing operations of the Bank of Greece is reduced to 4.75 per cent from 5.75 per cent;
  • the interest rate on the marginal lending facility against collateral of government securities (Lombard rate) is reduced to 5.75 per cent from 6.50 per cent;
  • the interest rate on the overnight deposit facility is reduced to 3.75 per cent from 4.75 per cent.


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