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Issues discussed at today's meeting of the Governor of the Bank of Greece, Mr G. Provopoulos, with Mr G. Papandreou

07/11/2008 - Press Releases

The Governor of the Bank of Greece, Mr George A. Provopoulos, met today, on his own initiative, with the President of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), Mr George A. Papandreou.

The discussion involved mainly the latest international economic and financial developments, while the Governor presented all the related positive initiatives undertaken by the European Central Bank.

Reference was also made on the aspects of the government plan to protect the economy from the impact of the international turmoil, whereupon Mr Papandreou analysed PASOK’s proposals.

Finally, the Governor referred to the technical components of the plan, the implementation of which will be entrusted to the Bank of Greece (e.g., type of collateral, valuations, haircuts, fees and credit risk pricing). He, indeed, expressed reservations for a likely generalised, and not targeted/selective, deferment of borrowers’ bank-loan obligations.

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