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Announcement of Regulated Information in compliance with law 3556/2007

13/04/2011 - Announcements

The Bank of Greece hereby announces that following the dissolution of the Public Company for Transferable Securities (DEKA) S.A. and the automatic transfer of ownership of all of its movable property to the State (Article 50, para. 9 of Law 3943/2011, Government Gazette A 66/31.3.2011), the Greek State owns 1,774,088 shares of the Bank of Greece, i.e. 8.93% of the Bank’s share capital.

Previously, DEKA S.A. and the Greek State had respectively held 1,309,210 shares (6.59% of the share capital) and 464,878 shares (2.34% of the share capital) of the Bank of Greece



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