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New statistical series of bank deposit and loan rates

10/12/2003 - Press Releases

The Bank of Greece releases today, together with the European Central Bank and other national central banks of the euro zone, new series of bank interest rates on deposits and loans collected in accordance with Governor's Act 2496/28.5.2002 and the Regulation of the European Central Bank ECB/2001/18. The Regulation establishes a common data collection method for interest rates applied to deposits and loans by monetary financial institutions in the euro area, so as to further enhance the harmonization of statistical data in Member States.

The new series of interest rates will be updated, at the latest, on the last working day of each month with data referring to the previous month; it will be available on the Bank of Greece website (Bank Deposit and Loan Interest Rates) and it will be published in the Bulletin of Conjunctural Indicators (Table IV.21).

The series starts in September 2002 and comprises 18 deposit rates and 36 lending rates given in the accompanying Tables. A distinction is made between rates on new deposits and loans during the reference month (Table 1) and rates on the outstanding amount of deposits and loans at the end of the reference month (Table 3). In addition to interest rate data, data on the volume of new business for deposits and loans during every month is given in Table 2, while their outstanding amount at the end of each month is reported in Table 4. Finally, Table A (Summary Table of deposit and loan interest rates) gives four deposit and four lending rates together with the corresponding volume of business, from the total of 54 interest rates of Tables 1 and 3. These rates are considered to be representative of the general trends prevailing in the Greek banking market.

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