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The Bank of Greece launches a FinTech Hub

13/03/2019 - Press Releases

The Bank of Greece has set up a FinTech Hub aiming to offer support and information to firms and individuals who are introducing or considering the adoption of innovative, technology-driven financial products, services or business models.

The FinTech Hub aims to function as a dedicated point of contact for those individuals and firms (new or existing, regulated or not, technology companies, etc.) that are involved or are planning to engage in FinTech activities. Using the FinTech Hub will enable these firms and individuals to raise enquiries with the Bank of Greece on their innovative initiatives and get information and guidance on the conformity of their products and services with regulatory and supervisory expectations.

In launching the FinTech Hub, the Bank of Greece aims to encourage and promote financial technological innovation in the financial and insurance sector, while ensuring a proper balance between potential risks and perceived opportunities. The Bank of Greece also expects to engage with providers of emerging FinTech solutions and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges posed by the new business models and technologies in the above-mentioned sectors.

The procedure for participating in the FinTech Hub is simple. Interested parties can submit their requests for information and guidance by filling out the Contact form available on the Bank of Greece website.

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