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Number of shares and voting rights

22/03/2011 - Announcements

78th Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders
Monday, 18 April 2011, 12:00 noon

In accordance with Article 27, para. 3, indent b, of Law 2190/1920, as currently in force, the Bank of Greece hereby announces the total numbers of shares and voting rights as at 14 March 2011 - date on which notice was given of the Annual General Meeting of Bank of Greece Shareholders, scheduled for 18 April 2011 - are as follows:

Nineteen million, eight hundred and sixty-four thousand, eight hundred and eighty-six (19,864,886) common registered shares, corresponding to two hundred and sixty-four thousand, eight hundred and sixty-five (264,865) voting rights.

It should be noted that every seventy-five (75) shares confer the right to one (1) vote (Article 13 of the Bank of Greece Statute, taken together with decision 2/29.2.2000 of the General Council, concerning the adjustment – from 25 to 75 – of the minimum number of shares required for participating and voting in the General Meeting of Shareholders, following the stock split – under Article 9 of the Statute – pursuant to decision 1/17.1.2000 of the General Council, ratified by Cabinet Act 8/4.2.2000 – Government Gazette A 17/7.2.2000).





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