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Report on Operational Targets for Non-Performing Exposures

05/12/2017 - Press Releases

The Bank of Greece publishes today the report on Operational Targets for Non-Performing Exposures (NPEs), which refers to end of September 2017 data.

In September 2017 banks revised their targets on NPEs, as they should provide at the end of September each year the values for the four quarters of the coming year, according to the NPE operational targets framework. They are also allowed to revise their targets in order to align with potential changes in the operating environment and/or changes in their NPE strategies. The report provides an aggregate summary on the operational targets and selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have been set by the Greek banks in relation to NPEs and their development on a quarterly basis.

Based on the reporting framework, as defined by the Bank of Greece (Executive Committee’s Act 102/30.08.2016), supervising authorities obtain on a quarterly basis a granular view on banks’ asset quality metrics and a view on actual metrics for the submitted operational targets and selected KPIs.

The report that is published today includes an extensive analysis of the targets set until December 2019 and also a comparison of the actual metrics to the operational targets that have been set for the period under review. A technical background on the targets is also included as an appendix.

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