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Rounding of fractional shares of the Bank of Greece

01/10/2008 - Announcements

In accordance with Article 44A, paragraph 2 of Law 2396/1996, inserted by Article 53, paragraph 1 of Law 3371/2005, the Bank of Greece hereby invites its shareholders, within the period from 1 December 2008 to 12 January 2009 inclusive, to round up or down the fractional shares they have acquired as a result of the latest increase in the Bank's share capital (Government Gazette A 107/11 June 2008).

Specifically, during the above period (i.e. from 1 December 2008 to 12 January 2009 inclusive), all holders of fractional shares of the Bank will have the option of (i) disposing of their fractional shares or (ii) purchasing the missing fraction(s) to aggregate one whole share.

 In order to provide comprehensive information about the procedure to be followed for the rounding of fractional shares, the Bank of Greece will be sending individual notices to each of the shareholders concerned.

 Once the aforementioned deadline has expired, the Bank will arrange for any outstanding fractional shares to be sold on the Athens Exchange and for the net proceeds thereof to be deposited with the Deposits and Loans Fund in favour of the beneficiaries on a pro rata basis, as specified in decision No. 13/375/17 March 2006 of the Board of Directors of the Capital Market Commission.

 In such case, the Bank will issue further announcements about the date of the sale and the result thereof, as well as about the procedure that the beneficiaries will need to follow, including the supporting documents they will have to submit, in order to collect the proceeds they are entitled to from the Deposits and Loans Fund.

 For further information or clarifications, please contact the Bank of Greece, Secretariat Section, Shares Service, 21 El. Venizelou Avenue, 102 50 Athens, Tel: 210-3202051, 210-3202064, 210-3203288, Fax: 210-3202844, email:

Administration Department

Athens, 1 October 2008


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