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Holidays to be observed during 2024

22/05/2023 - Announcements

Αpart from Saturdays and Sundays, the following days in 2024 will be observed as holidays by the Bank of Greece:

1st January

New Year’s Day

18th March

Pure Monday (Monday of Lent)

25th March

National Holiday

3rd May

Good Friday

6th May

Easter Monday

24th June

Monday of the Holy Spirit (Whit Monday)

15th August

Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God (Theotokos)

28th October

National Holiday

25th December

Christmas Day

26th December

Boxing Day

It should be noted that the May 1 holiday falls on a Holy Week day (Holy Wednesday) and, according to Article 14 of Law 4468/2017, “By decision of the Minister of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity, the May 1 holiday shall be transferred to another business day if it falls on a Sunday, a Holy Week day or Easter Monday”.

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