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Information regarding the calculation of the thresholds of article 9 of Law 3556/2007

09/06/2008 - Announcements

The Bank of Greece informs its shareholders that, in the context of the requirements of Law 3556/2007, in conjunction with Circular no. 37 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission ("Operation of Joint Investor Shares and clarifications on the implementation of Decision 3/403/8.11.2006 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission"), and for the purpose of calculating the thresholds laid down in paragraph 1 of Article 9 of Law 3556/2007, any person falling within the scope of that provision who in common with one or more third parties owns a Joint Investor Share (JIS) shall add the voting rights vested in his/her personal share to the voting rights that correspond to the securities contained in the JIS in which he/she has shared ownership.

The same requirement under Law 3556/2007 shall apply to each of the other co-owners of the JIS, given that such persons have shared ownership in the total of the securities registered in the JIS.

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