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Evaluation of Primary Dealers' performance in the Greek government bond market - 1st quarter 2003

21/04/2003 - Press Releases

The ranking of the Primary Dealers on the basis of their activity in the Greek government bond market in the first quarter 2003 is as follows:

  1. National Bank of Greece
  2. EFG Eurobank-Ergasias
  3. Piraeus Bank
  4. San Paolo-IMI Bank
  5. HSBC Bank plc
  6. CSFB (Europe) Ltd
  7. Alpha Bank
  8. Deutsche Bank AG
  9. ING Bank NV
  10. Lehman Brothers International (Europe)
  11. Citigroup Global Markets Ltd
  12. Commercial Bank
  13. BNP Paribas
  14. Goldman Sachs International Ltd
  15. JP Morgan Securities Ltd
  16. UBS Ltd
  17. Morgan Stanley & Co. International Ltd
  18. Merrill Lynch International

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