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New electronic settlement system for Greek Government Securities at the Bank of Greece

04/07/2005 - Press Releases

On Monday, June 27, 2005, the Bank of Greece fully activated the new platform of the Securities Settlement System for Greek government securities (System for monitoring transactions in book-entry securities, "BOGS").

The new platform fully serves the requirements of the most developed clearing and settlement systems worldwide. It allows real-time final settlement (Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Delivery versus Payment (DvP) Model 1, according to BIS regulations) as well as participants' real-time direct access to information regarding their transactions. In addition, it increases the potential for managing a higher volume of transactions and their related functional risk regardless of market conditions.

The new system operates within the same framework of the Electronic Secondary Securities Market (HDAT). In this way, real-time communication of the two systems is achieved that allows a more effective updating of the members' trading activity.

The establishment and functioning of the new system is considered as fully successful. During the first five days of functioning of the system (June 27- July 1, 2005) more than 85% of all DvP transactions settled occurred in real time (RTGS - DvP Model 1) whereas less than 15% occurred via multilateral netting cycles.

From the above data we can conclude the following:

· The management of the settlement risk via the introduction of the settlement model "one-by-one" (gross settlement) was fully successful and effective since the first day of operation of the system.

· The introduction of the new settlement platform, targeting the minimisation of settlement risk, did not create any liquidity constraint to the system participants, in other words there was not any increase in the system liquidity risk.

· The RTGS settlement percentages are very high compared to the respective percentages in most of the other European countries.

All this shows the excellent organisation and co-operation between the Bank of Greece and the domestic and foreign credit institutions participating in the system; the efficient management of liquidity of the Greek credit institutions, acting either for their own account or as custodians of foreign financial institutions and the full development of the Greek money and securities markets. Finally, the successful functioning of the electronic trading (HDAT) and settlement (BOGS, with a daily average volume of settled transactions of EUR 27.08 billion during the period January- May 2005) systems, contributed to the increased liquidity of the Greek fixed-income market and to the very narrow yield spreads between the Greek and the German bonds.

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