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Reporting of statistical data to the Bank of Greece

30/05/2002 - Press Releases

By virtue of Bank of Greece Governor's Acts 2495, 2496, 2497, 2498, 2499/28 May 2002, the Bank determines the reporting forms and the content of statistical data to be submitted to it, so that it can collect the information required for the implementation of the single monetary policy in the euro area countries. In more detail:

  1. By virtue of Governor's Acts 2495/28 May 2002 and 2496/28 May 2002, the format of the reports used for the submission of data related to the monthly balance sheet and the development of credit institutions' deposit and lending rates is modified to comply with the new Regulations ECB/2001/13 and ECB/2001/18, respectively, of the European Central Bank. It should be emphasized that Regulation ECB/2001/13, which relates to the submission of balance sheet data and replaces the former Regulation ECB/1998/16, does not, in principle, impose new reporting requirements to credit institutions, but it only specifies that some sets of data must henceforth be reported on a monthly instead of on a quarterly basis. At the same time, however, the new Regulation aims at improving the calculation of flows of monetary and credit aggregates; to this end, credit institutions are required to submit additional information related to the write-off of loans and to transactions in securities.
  2. By virtue of the Governor's Acts concerning reporting by
  • insurance companies (Governor's Act 2497/28 May 2002),
  • leasing companies, factoring companies, venture capital companies, portfolio investment companies and finance companies (Governor's Act 2498/28 May 2002) and
  • non-financial corporations (Governor's Act 2499/28 May 2002),

uniform reporting forms are introduced, thus allowing the completion of the construction of financial accounts for the entire Greek economy. These accounts represent a detailed record of the financial claims and liabilities of the economy's various sectors and are therefore a source of important information on the sectoral evolution and structure of savings and indebtness; such information is necessary for a more comprehensive assessment of monetary and credit developments.

Samples of the reporting form along with detailed reporting instructions are attached to the said Acts. These reporting forms must be submitted to the Bank of Greece within the specified deadlines.

Attached* :       Governor's Act 2495/28 May 2002

                        Governor's Act 2496/28 May 2002

                        Governor's Act 2497/28 May 2002

                        Governor's Act 2498/28 May 2002

                        Governor's Act 2499/28 May 2002



* All the above Governor's Acts are only available in greek.

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