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Celebration to welcome the New Year and the circulation of the euro

30/12/2001 - Press Releases


On New Year’s Eve, the Bank of Greece will hold a special event to celebrate the launch of the euro banknotes and coins, as from 1st January 2002.

The Prime Minister of Greece, Mr Constantinos Simitis, will honour the event with his presence.

The celebration will start at 23:30 on 31st December 2001 and will end at about 00:30 on 1st January 2002. It will include a concert with music from various member states of the European Union, along with video projections and narrations concerning the history of the drachma and the myth of Europa. It will also include live TV links to other festive events to welcome the euro, which will take place on the Acropolis, at other points in the city of Athens, as well as in other Greek cities.

The entire event will be televised in Greece and abroad.




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