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Announcement of the Bank of Greece

22/09/2016 - Press Releases

In response to today’s frenzied reports in the media, the Governor of the Bank of Greece, Yannis Stournaras categorically denies having interfered with, or ever having obstructed, any investigation into his wife’s professional activities.

The contracts referred to in the frenzied and calumnious reports were awarded to his wife’s company through an international tender conducted long before he became a cabinet minister. His and his wife’s assets, as well as how they have been acquired, are fully detailed in the successive statements of assets and income unfailingly submitted to the Authorities since he has held public office.

Apparently, some people feel threatened or that they are losing their privileges, which they fraudulently acquired in the past. It is time they realised that the Bank of Greece and its Governor stay outside political games and petty politics, and will continue to fulfill their tasks with a view to ensuring the smooth functioning of the banking system, no matter how unpleasant this may be to some.

Let those who would continue to engage in this mudslinging know that they next have to face the justice system, before which the Governor’s family has initiated civil and criminal proceedings.

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