Data on commercial properties

Data Reporting on Real Estate Investment Companies' (REIC) real estate portfolios

Aiming to collect the detailed data required for monitoring and analysing the commercial real estate market, the Bank of Greece issued Executive Committee Act No. 9/10.01.2013 in relation to: "Reporting of statistics on assets, liabilities and statement of investments by real estate investment companies to the Bank of Greece".

On the basis of this Act, any Real Estate Investment Companies established in Greece must, among others, submit to the Bank of Greece (Economic Analysis and Research Department - Real Estate Market Analysis Section) detailed data relating to their portfolios and statements of investments on a semi-annual basis.

Relevant Executive Committee Act No. 9/10.01.2013 and an Annex, which is an integral part thereof entitled: "REIC semi-annual data" are set out below and include the tables listing the data reported by REICs. A document on "How to fill in REIC semi-annual data" is also included.

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