Direct investment - Stocks

Direct investment stocks refer to the outstanding level of all investments (equity capital contributions, reinvested earnings, deposits, loans, debt securities, trade credits and other accounts) by a direct investor, at a given point in time, in an enterprise with which the investor is linked by a direct investment relationship, according to the OECD’s Framework for Direct Investment Relationships (FDIR). Direct investment stocks include investment in real estate.

The statistical presentation of direct investment stocks follows the extended directional principle, whereby transactions between a resident direct investor and a foreign direct investment company are recorded under “direct investment abroad”, while transactions between a non-resident direct investor and a direct investment enterprise resident in Greece are recorded under “direct investment in Greece”.

For the purpose of compiling the direct investment component of the International Investment Position, the alternative “asset/liability” criterion is used, whereby the compiling economy reports for resident institutional units classified under the FDIR as direct investors, direct investment enterprises or as fellow enterprises, all assets and all liabilities to non-residents.

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