Financial statements of other financial institutions

This section publishes quarterly data on the main asset and liability items of:

  1. leasing companies;
  2. factoring companies; and
  3. other financial intermediaries (credit companies and venture capital companies).

Data on all of the above financial intermediaries have been collected since September 2002 on the basis of Bank of Greece Governor’s Act 2498/28.5.2002, mainly for the purpose of compiling Greece’s financial accounts.

It should be noted that some credit institutions (CIs) offer leasing and factoring services directly, whereas others do that only indirectly through specialised subsidiaries. In the case of CIs that provide leasing and factoring services directly, all claims arising from the provision of such services are included in the balance sheet of CIs as loans. Thus, the data presented in the aggregated balance sheet of leasing and factoring companies do not account for the entire leasing and factoring market in Greece.

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