Ancient world and modern art


Title: Archèos còsmos kè neòteri tèchni  [Ancient world and modern art]
Author: Collective
Introduction: Charis Kanellopoulou, Michalis Lychounas
Publisher: Bank of Greece (Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation)
Year of publication: 2021
Number of pages: 184
Dimensions: 23 x 16 cm
Book type: Conference proceedings
ISBN: 978-618-5536-06-0 (e-book)

About the book
Archeology and art today converge in a variety of ways: fruitful examples are the modern artistic interventions presented in archeological museums or the archaeological  interpretations developed and inspired by contemporary artistic creation.

Greek antiquity should be considered as a wealthy source of subjects, artistic style, metaphors and symbolisms, and as a frame of reference for numerous Greek artists, mainly during the 19th century, but also during the 20th. The ancient world defines or influences the “language” of each artist, according to his/her quests, the artistic tendencies and the precepts of each era. 

In this book, the writers investigate the relationship of antiquity with aspects of modern visual arts from the 18th up until the 20th century, not only giving prominence to, but also critically discussing, the intriguing dialogue between antiquity and modernity as well as the multiple readings it offers. The papers in the book come from the proceedings of the one-day conference that took place in Kavala on 21.2.2020, on the occasion of the exhibition Encounter Point. Archaeology and Art in dialogue at the Archaeological Museum of Kavala, which was coorganized by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Kavala and the Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation of the Bank of Greece between 5 December 2019 and 1 March 2020. The book contains the following papers: “Classical mythology in 19th and early 20th century Greek painting” by Ioannis Galeridis; “Images of women in art, types and transformations: Thoughts on the occasion of an exhibition” by Glafki Gotsi; “Ex Oriente Lux: From Classical Antiquity to the lustful East” by Michalis Lychounas; “From goût grec to the Greek Revival: Neoclassical versions of Hellenic antiquity” by Thodoris Koutsogiannis; “Prints themed around antiquity from the Bank of Greece Art Collection” 
by Dimitris Pavlopoulos; and “The ancient world in Modern Greek sculpture: Subjects from the 19th to the 20th century” by Charis Kanellopoulou. 

All papers are followed by English abstracts.

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