Small gases, big effect. Climate change


Title: Mikrá aéria, megáli epídrasi. I klimatikí allagí [Small gases, big effect. Climate change]

Publisher: Bank of Greece (Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation)

Year of publication: 2022

Number of pages: 132

Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm

Book type: Educational

ISBN: 978-618-5536-19-0

Central Distribution

a. National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (ΜΙΕΤ) in Athens (13 Amerikis Str., tel.: +30 210 3614143) and Thessaloniki (11 Tsimiski Str., tel.: +30 2310 288036)

b. Ι. Nikolopoulos & Co. SA – Ekdoseis tou Eikostou Protou (9 Ζaloggou Str., Athens, tel.: +30 210 3800520).

About the book

This international bestseller was published in Greek with the opportunity of the temporary exhibition Economy and climate: Handle with care at the Museum of the Bank of Greece. This is the second pop book on climate change that the Center for Culture, Research and Documentation of the Bank publishes in Greek, the first one being the graphic novel The great transformation: Climate- Can we beat the heat?, which is again a translation from German.

Approved by over 100 scientists, but written and illustrated in a way that everyone can understand, this clear, simple and concise book tells you everything you need to know about the most important question of our time: climate change. Its authors are two students from Germany, David Nelles and Christian Serrer, who couldn’t find a book that explained climate change in a way that was easy and enjoyable to read, so they decided to write it themselves.

In the 132 pages of this literally small book one can find explanations on the Earth’s climate, the possible causes of climate change, the cryosphere (all the Earth areas that are covered with water in solid form, i.e. snow and ice), the oceans, weather and climate extremes, ecosystems and humans among all of the above. Illustrations are vivid and include graphic designs, schematic representations and diagrams, even pictures that document the written text in the best way.

The book manifests the importance that the Bank of Greece gives to the question of climate change and forms a small tile in the mosaic of its pertinent undertakings. It can also be found in English, published by Particular Books.

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