The abecedary of economy for adolescents


Title: Tò  alfavitári tis economías jà efívous [The abecedary of economy for adolescents]

Author: Nikolaos D. Philippas

Publisher: Bank of Greece (Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation)

Year of publication: 2024

Number of pages: 96

Dimensions: 20 x 27 cm

Book type: Economic, adolescents’

ISBN (print): 978-618-5536-51-0

ISBN (online): 978-618-5536-52-7


Central distribution:

a. National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (ΜΙΕΤ) in Athens (13 Amerikis Str., tel.: +30 210 3614143) and Thessaloniki (11 Tsimiski Str., tel.: +30 2310 288036)
b. Ι. Nikolòpoulos & Co. SA – Ekdòseis tou Eikostoù Pròtou (9 Ζaloggou Str., Athens, tel.: +30 210 3800520).

About the book

This book follows "The abecedary of economy for children up to 12 years old" and addresses teenagers, the future adults who will soon have to take a series of financial decisions. With this book, the Bank of Greece aspires to contribute to their understanding of basic financial concepts for everyday life.

A number of studies have revealed that financial literacy reduces social inequalities, contributes to healthy financial habits, makes citizens more resilient to financial crises of sorts, and improves their financial well-being. This book contains 127 entries that touch on a variety of sectors from Finance, Behavioral Finance, Economics and Economic History, to cutting-edge developments in Computer Science, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity. The book also includes 6 stories in comic form that can be used for teaching purposes.

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