A new building on Amerikis Street for units of the Head Office

The building was inaugurated on 28 January 2004. Designed by Alexandros Tombazis and Associates, its construction was overseen by the Bank’s Technical Service. With  austere and formal lines, the design is  essentially modern, but at the same time remains faithful to the classical style discernible  in most of the Bank’s buildings. As Tombazis himself noted,  the concept design was guided by an attempt to manage “a transition from the high scale of Panepistimiou Street to the lower scale of the two listed two-storey neoclassical buildings on Stadiou Street”. The building  consists of six underground levels, a two-level ground floor and eight upper floors, with  a total area of 13,279 m².

The new premises at 3, Amerikis Street house the Bank’s Departments of Supervised Institutions Inspection; Private Insurance Supervision; Banking Supervision;  and Financial Stability. The building also houses the Museum of the Bank of Greece on its two-level ground floor since its launch in 2010.


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