The Bank’s IT Premises were the first in Greece to be built for purpose and  thus, by design, to meet all relevant  security and functional requirements.

The design study was assigned in 1977 to M. Sifaki-Kalogrouli firm, with M. Sangermano-Lymperopoulou and K. Hatzidimitriou-Stathopoulou as associate architects and E. Vourekas as consultant. The engineering team included civil engineers E. Hatzidimitriou, S. Maronikolakis and S. Papafilippou and mechanical engineers Th. Alexopoulos, P. Hampilomatis and V. Kasdagli. The IT Premises are located on the grounds of the IETA compound in Halandri and comprise individual structures interconnected with glazed corridors. The building, impressive by Greek standards of the time and with a total surface area of over 12,000 m2, was completed in 1983.


Kardamitsi-Adami, M. (2011), Bank of Greece - The buildings, Bank of Greece, Athens.

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